Life is dynamic and constantly changing. Your needs vary as your circumstances alter. An ownership certificate for property in club hotels is a luxury item. It guarantees an exclusive vacation, but your ideas of luxury and comfort might change over time, you might need more spacious accommodation, you might wish to exchange or sell your certificate.


The market keeps developing products that look like but are not actually timeshares (seasonal club offers, customer loyalty programmes offering discounts on future vacations). To preclude fraud and other illegal actions against owners, a technical and legal dossier (TLD) for timeshares has been developed and a single database has been created for certificates with fully confirmed ownership rights. Certificate holders, clubs and other parties to transactions involving timeshare certificates are spread throughout the world. Any action involving a timeshare requires regular confirmation of several things, including information about the owner, market price, full annual maintenance payment, etc. A timeshare’s technical and legal dossier (TLD) contains the crucial information about your property. Having such a dossier guarantees that any transactions with the certificate (sales, exchange) are safe, legal and actually possible.


In order to conduct any transaction with a timeshare, the relevant rights need to be confirmed. A technical and legal dossier is a standardized document containing all the confirmed information about the owner and the owner’s rights t o the property

  • confirmed right to purchase;
  • specifics and timeframe of the property’s use;
  • technical details of the property;
  • nature of membership;
  • ownership responsibilities;
  • vested rights;
  • regulated rules of certificate ownership;
  • list of grounds for contract dissolution by each party;
  • key legal materials;
  • financial information.


The document is issued both electronically and in hard copy. The hard copy is executed on official letterhead, the electronic version in.pdf format. Both the hard copy and the e-copy of a timeshare’s technical and legal dossier are certified by the seal and signature of the specialist that issued the dossier.

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