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Here you can:


Place an ad to sell a current timeshare certificate if its terms and conditions no longer meet your requirements, you have no time or opportunity to use it, or want to buy a different one.


Buy a certificate after perusing our catalogue of timeshare certificates, clubs, and resorts from around the world.


Obtain assistance in getting a lost certificate replaced. We offer you advice, provide assistance in putting together the requisite paperwork and will get in touch with the resort, club or trust company to handle lost certificate replacement.

A timeshare certificate purchase or sale transaction is fully protected and safe. As part of executing the transaction, we offer:

  • management services, in other words, legal support for the transaction;
  • guarantor services meaning that, once the payment is made, your money will be kept in our special account and will be transferred to the seller only after you receive the certificate issued in your name;

To make use of our store, you need to:

  • obtain a technical and legal dossier (TLD) for your certificate;
  • get in touch with our specialist who will help you place an ad for selling your certificate in our store.

Our many years of work in tourism and in club vacationing allow us to provide our clients with professional legal and expert support.

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