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To offer Russian users a convenient, safe venue for booking vacations within the timeshare system and providing associated tourist and legal services to ensure transparent and safe transactions for all parties involved.

To be Russia’s biggest timeshare industry regulator, guaranteeing compliance with international rules of law and promoting development of the Russian tourist sector and of the sharing economy.

To provide full assistance to current and future timeshare certificate holders concerning ownership rights, liaising with clubs and exchange systems, and in generating profits.


We make timeshares an easy-to-use, convenient, legally protected and accessible tourist product.

Timeshare Sphere is a socially orientated digital commercial platform that seeks not only to make a profit but also to protect the rights of timeshare certificate holders and timeshare industry players. The platform is a member of the Rustime Association for protecting the rights and interests of timeshare product owners and timeshare industry participants. Since there are no government regulations relating to the timeshare market in Russia, Rustime’s activities are based on the principles proclaimed by the Association.

The company’s objectives

  • long-term efficiency and financial stability;
  • raising Russians’ awareness of the terms and conditions for buying and using various kinds of timeshare certificate or timeshare membership
  • developing customers’ “informed ownership” of a certificate;
  • increasing the number of timeshare certificate holders in Russia;
  • increasing the number of “lifetime” certificate holders;
  • positioning a new format marketing programme for selling timeshare certificates;
  • realizing the opportunities for owning timeshare properties in Russia.



Complete and clear information about the essence of the timeshare model, without “pitfalls” or small print.


Ensuring free access to the requisite financial information about transactions.


With respect to the time and financial capacities of the potential or current holder of a timeshare certificate.


We respect the wishes of our partners and consumers of our services and we are always on the lookout for opportunities for realizing them.

Legal guarantees

The company acts as guarantor of proper legal support for transactions themselves and for key ownership stages.


Dynamic integration services in tourism
Web store
Sale of timeshare products
Remittance of
management fees
Membership of
exchange systems
Lost certificate replacement
Services for tourists


Rustime is Russia’s most influential and respected non-profit organization protecting the rights and interests of timeshare industry players and owners of timeshare products.

The main goal of the Rustime Association is to support and develop the infrastructure for state-of-the-art tourism sectors in Russia and to integrate Russian tourism into the global tourist system.

Rustime’s aims are to assist timeshare certificate holders in protecting their rights, to provide information support, to organize educational and training programmes for improving timeshare services in Russia and to help Russia’s timeshare market gain a solid international reputation.

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Life is dynamic and constantly changing. Your needs vary as your circumstances alter. An ownership certificate for property in club hotels is a luxury item. It guarantees an exclusive vacation, but your ideas of luxury and comfort might change over time, you might need more spacious accommodation, you might wish to exchange or sell your certificate.


The market keeps developing products that look like but are not actually timeshares (seasonal club offers, customer loyalty programmes offering discounts on future vacations). To preclude fraud and other illegal actions against owners, a technical and legal dossier (TLD) for timeshares has been developed and a single database has been created for certificates with fully confirmed ownership rights. Certificate holders, clubs and other parties to transactions involving timeshare certificates are spread throughout the world. Any action involving a timeshare requires regular confirmation of several things, including information about the owner, market price, full annual maintenance payment, etc. A timeshare’s technical and legal dossier (TLD) contains the crucial information about your property. Having such a dossier guarantees that any transactions with the certificate (sales, exchange) are safe, legal and actually possible.


Timeshare Sphere and Rustime seek to expand cooperation and exchange practices with foreign partners on a broad range of issues:


The main goal of the Rustime Association is to support and develop the infrastructure for state-of-the-art tourism sectors in Russia and to integrate Russian tourism into the global tourist system.


Providing mutual information support on the functioning of the timeshare market and its players, on international trends, new projects, statistics and analysis.


Exchanging practices of professional legal assistance and consultations for individuals and legal entities involved in the timeshare business and of protecting the interests of disqualified holders of timeshare certificates.


Holding webinars, workshops and roundtables to discuss various initiatives and new areas in the tourism sector.


Exchanging experience with technologies for promoting timeshare products and services on international markets.

Welcome to the Timeshare Sphere web store!

A convenient catalogue, guaranteed safety and fair prices are our store’s key features.

To make use of our store you need to:

  • obtain a technical and legal dossier (TLD) for your certificate
  • get in touch with our specialist who will help you place an ad for selling your certificate in our store

Our many years of work in tourism and in club vacationing allow us to provide our clients with professional legal and expert support.

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